Sabra Beirut Mix is fantastic, especially its cold mezze. priyapet loves the “fresh-tasting, zippy” salads and the wonderful bean dishes. And she doesn’t think she can ever eat stuffed grape leaves anywhere else again. coffee_addict agrees—the food here is stunning in its quality and freshness.

Ful—slow-simmered fava and garbanzo beans with olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs—is delicious, says priyapet. It’s standard breakfast and brunch fare in Lebanon. Sabra makes a particularly good mujaddara, lentils and bulgur wheat cooked with onions and topped with a pine nuts and onions. The baba ghanoush is out of this world, says coffee_addict.

And khalil gibran salad may not sound like much—white beans, olive oil, scallions, parsley, and garlic—“but it was seasoned so well that this ended up being one of the standout dishes,” says priyapet.

Sabra Beirut Mix [South Bay]
2515-F Artesia Boulevard, Redondo Beach

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