“You got gribenes in my chocolate.” “You got chocolate on my gribenes!” Are chocolate and chicken skin the legendary “Two great tastes that taste great together”?

A decade ago it was Earl Grey-infused chocolates. Then it was chocolate with exotic spices.

Now, according to a report on the Paris Chocolate Show, chocolate-makers are getting vegetables and other savories into the act. Cheese-flavored chocolate is gaining ground, especially at cocktail hour—I imagine it would be a dynamite pairing with red wine.

But the real awe at the show was reserved for Belgium’s “Shock-o-latier” Dominique Persoone, who features treats like a ganache of white chocolate and fresh peas enrobed in dark chocolate on his website. The bad boy of confectionary seems to have made an impression on Paris Chocolate Show-goers with his chocolates flavored with cauliflower and his…wait for it…chocolate biscuits encrusted with chicken skin. Take that, you bacon-candy addicts.

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