It’s not quite Kansas City style, but the BBQ spare ribs at Thai ‘N I are almost as tender and every bit as tasty as the best baby backs, says kdoc. These things are Flinstones-huge (about 9 inches), and have a distinctly different flavor from traditional American BBQ, but they’re outrageously tasty. The chicken is also top-notch. And you’d never get pad thai or mee krob at an American BBQ joint.

The green salad has a nice-and-tangy ginger vinaigrette, and their wonton soup is unusually garlicky and rich, with delicious chicken-stuffed wontons, says davinagr.

A rib-chicken combo is $10.

Thai ‘n I [West San Fernando Valley]
17544 Ventura Blvd., at Encino Ave., Encino

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