Kentucky Fried Chicken is really, really down with the video game generation. So down is it that it has released a special box meal to coincide with the launch of Guitar Hero: World Tour, specially designed to provide beige, carbohydrate-laden food to fuel your furious plastic musical instrument playing. The $8 meal includes a 32-ounce soda in a collector’s cup, two chicken strips, choice of drumstick or thigh, a chicken sandwich KFC calls a “snacker,” two sides, and a biscuit, all packed in a cardboard box like the kind nachos come in at the movie theater.

Tim Agne from Michigan’s video game blog unpacks a box on video—we’re not quite sure why—and Kotaku, another game blog, warns that the meal “packs 59 grams of fat and 1210 calories.” And that’s not even counting the calories in the gigantic soda.

OK, everyone has to eat, even while gaming, and Guitar Hero is the rare video game that actually involves a little physical exertion, but is fast-food chicken in three different finger-greasing forms really the best option? CHOW was way ahead of the curve on this one, providing a Wii Night menu back in May that could easily be adapted to Guitar Hero, and at a fraction of the grease quotient.

If you’re really gung-ho on the KFC Guitar Hero box meal, however, you should be aware that the company’s running a KFC Rocks contest. The prize: a year’s supply of box meals, plus $2,500 (presumably just enough to cover a heart transplant).

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