“The hot chocolate from Chuao Chocolatier is the best I’ve ever had,” says brooke.with.an.e. It’s truly instant—it has nonfat dry milk in the mix, so you can just add hot water. Available flavors include Spicy Maya, Winter (a gingerbread flavor), and Abuela (traditional chocolate).

“I love this stinking hot chocolate so much that I’ve sprinkled it on hot popcorn and used it to make a chocolate sauce for ice cream,” says brooke.with.an.e. “Simply divine … and all natural!” There are actual chunks of chocolate in the mix, which can melt and harden if left out in the heat. However, beth1, another fan of Chuao Chocolatier hot chocolate, has sent some to her husband in Iraq with no problem.

Board link: Ok Chowers, need your help w/instant hot cocoa

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