domes9 has a family tradition, origin unknown, of making a Christmas dish of sliced oranges marinated in olive oil and fresh garlic. Her great grandmother used garlic powder, but nowadays the family uses fresh garlic.

It’s definitely a Sicilian specialty, says Cheese Boy, given all the great citrus fruits grown there. A savory orange salad may be known as “insalata di arance,” says Cheese Boy, or perhaps as “insalata agli agrumi” or “insalata di agrumi,” suggests maria lorraine. Her favorite version is the simplest: sliced oranges (or “agrumi,” a combination of citrus fruits), olive oil, a small amount of garlic, and salt. “In Spain, one of my favorite side dishes is sliced oranges sprinkled with sugar and served with really good olive oil,” says maria lorraine. paulj has had a Spanish salad of oranges, thinly sliced raw red onions, and cumin, finished with black pepper, mint, olive oil, and salt. And Caroline1 has had a similar dish of sweet Valencia oranges tossed with olive oil, red onions, and chopped parsley.

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