Red Egg got off to a slow start when it opened four months ago, hounds say, but it has since rallied to become one of the city’s better dim sum places. “I am surprised Red Egg doesn’t get more play,” remarks JungMann, who finds it “much better than other board favorites I’ve visited.” Peter Cuce ranks it near the top in Chinatown, behind only Dim Sum Go Go.

Highlights of JungMann’s recent meal, all cooked to order, included siumai (pork dumplings), hargau (shrimp dumplings), and chicken-scallop buns. Meat dishes are especially strong; beef balls are plump, juicy one-inch “orbs of deliciousness,” he writes, and grilled lamb chops are “flavorful enough to fill your dreams with mutton and hoisin for a week.” Dim sum is served day and night, half off during happy hour—“one of the best deals in that part of the city,” he adds.

When Red Egg first opened, much was made of its hybrid Chinese-Peruvian dishes. In fact the Peruvian presence on the menu is scant and little explored by hounds. But bigjeff did try aji de gallina—shredded chicken with potatoes and peppers, served in a somewhat fancy fried flour tortilla “bowl.” His take: “like chicken pot pie but with a spice kick; not bad at all.”

Red Egg [Chinatown]
202 Centre Street (between Hester and Grand streets), Manhattan

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