A tipster recently complained about the lack of great coffee in Fort Greene—and seemingly minutes later a New York Times post popped up announcing a new café with a name that neatly summarizes the precaffeinated state: WTF.

Owner Asio Highsmith, who owns a sneaker shop next door and was involved in the speakeasy Hideout, tells Serious Eats: “Drinks are important. Cocktails are important. This is your morning cocktail. Every day.”

“Morning cocktail”? Our dependence feels so validated—disturbingly so.

There’s a La Marzocco for espresso, Chemexes and French presses, and the gorgeous “Kyoto-style” slow-drip coffee maker, which resembles some science experiment gone beautifully awry. Coffees include those roasted by Coffee Labs, so locals have reason to be optimistic—and if your breakfast is coffee, that’s a great answer to the thread on breakfasts in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene. Tried it? Let us know!

WTF Espresso and Tea [Fort Greene]
47 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn

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