Chowhound founder Jim Leff’s thread on a new Albanian restaurant in the Bronx has morphed into a virtual tour of that part of the world. User MVNYC, whose family hails from the Balkans, sounds like someone we’d want to drag on an uptown train to order for us: “Northern Albania and Kosovo show more of an Ottoman twist and pork is not common but is similar to Serbian otherwise. Southern Albanian food is very similar to Northern Greek cuisine with a reliance on butter, pork, potatoes, sheep and goat’s milk cheeses, yoghurt, dark leafy greens and green peppers.”

Uh, yum. Leff hadn’t dined there yet, although user DaveCook had, and wasn’t blown away. Any other Bronx diners out there who care to weigh in—or further our education?

Qebaptore Kalaja BBQ & Grill [Pelham Bay]
2132 Cruger Avenue, Bronx

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