hhookk had a simple meal at Sushi Island that was so wonderful, he counted the hours until he could go back again. Chef Junji gave him a small bowl of toro “which he seared with his little blowtorch with some scallions and a few drops of some sauce I couldn’t place and I couldn’t believe the flavor.”

The toro haunted hhookk all night. He showed up the very next day for lunch. “I don’t remember the names of everything I had, but it was the best sushi experience of my life,” sighs hhookk. “After about 20 minutes I realized that the couple had left and I was THE ONLY ONE IN THE RESTAURANT. I had the undivided attention of one of the best sushi chefs around and he treated me like a king.”

Dish after dish came and wowed. Black cod, given a going-over with the blowtorch. Grilled Conch. Steamed monkfish liver. “I had so many things that I would have never even known existed … I savored every moment and every grain of rice.” The final bill: a quite-reasonable-for-the-experience $65.

Wow. hhookk isn’t the only hound fan of Sushi Island; tatsu considers it to be in the top three around Boston, the other two being Oga’s and Toraya. “Junji strikes me as very serious and gracious at the same time about his craft,” affirms tatsu.

opinionatedchef recommends the ankimo, monkfish liver, as well as the yamakake with quail egg, grated yam with tuna, egg, slivered nori, and soy sauce.

Sushi Island [North of Boston]
297 Main Street, Wakefield

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