Today was the first time I carved an entire suckling pig and it gave me a new perspective. As I am getting older, I find myself eating less and less meat, but I am never one to pass up a perfectly cooked steak, grilled lamb chop, or bacon wrapped hot dog on those late party nights.

I have always understood that what I am eating was once a living thing and am used to seeing big slabs of meat and animal parts on a daily basis. During my butchery class in culinary school, we broke down animal parts for six hours a day. But to have the whole pig before me was, and will always be, a humbling experience.

After we brined the pig overnight and roasted it in the oven for five hours, it was time to carve it. I started from the back and worked my way toward its head, making sure to get every single piece of meat so that I didn’t waste any part of the pig. When I was finished, I was filled with gratitude towards the animal and the food that he just provided.

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