Sporadic rebounds notwithstanding, the economy’s prospects are looking less lively than a post-Thanksgiving Day turkey carcass. And it’s not just America going down in flames: Much of Europe and Asia is feeling the hurt. Here, however is some much-needed good news: If you immediately pull out the smoldering ruins of your 401(k) and book a flight to Iceland, you’ll find the food there amazingly reasonable!

Iceland, famed primarily for its volcanoes, ancient democratic traditions, and Björk, has long been one of the most expensive places on Earth to visit. But now, reports the London Times, thanks the to island nation’s unwise international financial speculation and the collapse of the Icelandic krona, things are looking up:

“I was in Iceland a week ago and it was already better value. I have been visiting the country for 35 years, and for the first time I looked at the menu in a restaurant and thought: ‘Actually that’s not so bad.’”

Delicacies like ram’s testicles pickled in whey or deliberately rotted shark meat are now within reach. And while you’re there, don’t forget to throw some baby puffins off of cliffs.

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