Heads up: The Noodle Shop, owned by the Shanghai Dumpling Shop folks, has been revamped into a Hunanese restaurant that’s “out of this world,” reports waisic.

“The homemade Hunan smoked pork is actually thin sliced smoked bacon with leeks that leaves one begging for more,” waisic says. And try the salty egg yolk with eggplant: “You will never order the ones with the garlicky sauce again after you tasted this.”

Every table seems to have an order of the dry chile chicken wings. There’s an unusual appetizer of shredded potato salad, and some old favorites: the “excellent” hand-pulled noodles and, for dim sum, fish with leek dumplings.

Noodle Shop [Peninsula]
164 W. 25th Avenue, San Mateo

Shanghai Dumpling Shop [Peninsula]
455 Broadway, Millbrae

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