Beef short ribs braised until fork-tender make terrific cool-weather eating. jfood starts short ribs two days ahead: First he marinates them overnight, then cooks them and chills them overnight, then reheats them on serving day.

Here are some short rib preparations Chowhounds love: MMRuth’s favorite is Balthazar’s braised beef ribs. Short ribs Provençale with crème fraîche mashed potatoes are fantastic, says kgebhard. John Besh’s Zinfandel-braised beef short ribs is jfood’s go-to recipe. Marge recommends Molly Stevens’ short ribs braised in porter ale with maple-rosemary glaze. Deenso calls these honey and vinegar–braised short ribs with spinach “absolute perfection.”

Board Link: “Wanted: World’s Best Beef Short Rib Recipe”

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