Matt Armendariz, better known as the blogger at MattBites, really loves tortillas. How much does he love tortillas? So much, he says that almost everyone he knows at one point or another ends up asking him, “You’d put anything inside a tortilla and eat it, wouldn’t you?” Armendariz decided that he’d take this challenge, and the result is the amusing taste test he calls Anything Inside A Tortilla.

Of course, the “anything” isn’t meant to be taken literally. There are no dirty socks or already-chewed pieces of bubblegum in this test; it’s all edible. The interesting part is that some things you might think would be good in a tortilla—foie gras, pumpkin pie filling-– do not, in fact, pass the taste test. The things that do pass, however, may give you some new ideas for tortilla useage.

In fact, Armendariz is very eloquent when it comes to explaining his love of the flat bread. He writes:

“I probably don’t need to tell you the importance of the tortilla to my family growing up. Almost every culture has their version of bread, sometimes as side staple, from naan to bagel to lavosh. And tortillas were present with almost every meal I ever ate. We didn’t eat Mexican food everyday (how boring would that have been?) but I do remember my father getting up from the table to heat a tortilla or two when they weren’t served with whatever we were eating at that moment. And my earliest memories involve my grandmother making them from scratch, a task only reserved for special occasions since the grocery store variety seemed to suffice. And that is how I learned that this flat piece of griddled dough, whether flour or corn, could find its way into almost every meal with grace and harmony.”

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