Felchlin Cru Sauvage, says emerilcantcook, is impossibly smooth, immensely satisfying chocolate. It’s expensive (Can$13 for a 100-gram bar) but a small amount of this killer stuff will satisfy an intense chocolate craving. “I don’t think I can get a wine that would give me this much pleasure for 13 bucks. Seriously,” says emerilcantcook.

The chocolate isn’t bitter, milky, sickly sweet, or doused with a massive dose of vanilla. It’s “pure cocoa with all its components in harmony,” says emerilcantcook. There is almost zero bitterness, despite the 68 percent cocoa content, and “the acidity is oh so pleasant,” says emerilcantcook. Notes of citrus, plum, and berries can be detected. “I think this is the beginning of an expensive friendship,” says emerilcantcook.

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