The big Brooklyn news last week—aside from the sad closures of beloved Coney Island dives Ruby’s and Cha Cha’s—was the announcement of a forthcoming Shake Shack on the Fulton Street Mall. Though Danny Meyer & Co. have not made a formal announcement, a broker reportedly confirmed to the New York Observer that Meyer has signed a long-term lease at 409-415 Fulton Street.

This would be Brooklyn’s first Shack, replacing Tony’s Famous Pizzeria, where commuters could stop for a slice before hopping on the subway at Jay/Borough. Owner Sal Casaccio told Grub Street he was “not too happy about it, ’cause I have to leave! I’ve been here twenty years!” He will be bumped down to Bond Street and Fulton.

Our question: Where is that legendary Shack line going to go? Right now it’s a nightmare crossing Adams; the intersection is a mess of confusing walk signals, and pedestrians dodge cars daily. Even if the line runs into the faux “park” on the northern end of the Mall, it’ll create a tangle amid bustling commuters. It’s also worth noting that although many in the press are calling this a sure sign of the revival of the mall, the Fulton Street Mall—as we learned from Street Value: Shopping, Planning, and Politics at Fulton Mall (a friend’s book)—is actually an incredibly successful retail space, with very expensive real estate. This fact hasn’t stopped developers from trying to “revitalize” it for the last several decades.

Will you patronize the new Shack? And what about Tony’s; will you visit it farther down the Mall?

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