“When they first get here from Russia, they live in South Hollywood. Then they get a lay of the land and they move to Encino.” That’s what lil mikey heard from many Eastern Europeans. And right in the middle of Encino, there’s Old Kiev.

Old Kiev is a Ukrainian restaurant, full of folks freshly arrived from Russia. There’s light, flavorful borscht. “There are plenty of shredded fresh beets in there, along with some potatoes and wonderful slow cooked beef chunks,” says lil mikey.

The chicken cutlet is lovely: a patty of ground chicken, blended with herbs and spices, coated with bread crumbs, and deep fried until it’s moist on the inside, and crisp on the outside.

Dumplings are fresh made. They’re good at first, but a little monotonous, says lil mikey. Get a plate to share.

Old Kiev [San Fernando Valley–West]
17337 Ventura Boulevard #100A, Encino

Board Link: Old Kiev Russian in Encino

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