Kale is a green that’s most often steamed, blanched, or braised, but it is surprisingly delicious used raw in salads. “I have to date only really sincerely enjoyed kale in the form of chips, but last night I made a salad from a Martha Stewart recipe that was so incredibly delicious that I want to tell everyone who might care,” says balabanian of kale slaw with peanut dressing. “It’s supereasy to prepare, tangy, great texture, and satisfying enough to be a meal.” “The recipe does make a ton of salad, but the next day I ate it cold from the refrigerator for lunch and it was possibly even tastier,” says tipsybaker. “Dressed kale holds up in a way dressed lettuce doesn’t.”

toveggiegirl likes this kale salad with pine nuts, currants, and Parmesan. “You marinate the kale for at least 20 minutes, which ‘cooks’ it somewhat,” she says. fauchon loves this lacinato kale and ricotta salata salad, and free sample addict aka Tracy L is a fan of this recipe from the Bay Area’s Café Gratitude.

mickeygee‘s favorite way to eat kale is raw, tossed with lots of caramelized onions and sprinkled with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar. “If I want to get fancy, I’ll throw red pepper in the vinegar while cooking the onions,” she says.

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