Hidden burger gem of the week: The Fix Burger, which offers traditional and specialty burgers. With the specialty model, you get your choice of meat: beef, buffalo, turkey, or vegetarian. All the meat is organic and comes from local ranches. Sometimes there’s ostrich, too.

pleasurepalate was all about the Seoul burger, which comes with mushrooms, Korean sauce, Korean slaw, Jack, and mayo. It’s great with a buffalo patty, says pleasurepalate. Despite buffalo’s leanness, the patty isn’t dry. “That meat was definitely napkin-wiping juicy and I also liked how the meat’s surface had a nice grilled char to it,” says pleasurepalate.

Garlic fries are very unusual: Instead of the usual fried bits of garlic, you get roasted salty/sweet chunks of garlic. This gives you a dual texture—crispy fries, soft garlic.

The Fix Burger [Silver Lake]
2520 Hyperion Avenue, 
Los Angeles

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