Sprinkles has arrived in Palo Alto, spreading its love like buttercream. There are about 10 cupcake flavors, some of which change daily.

xanadude recommends the black and white; other offerings include ginger lemon (Wednesdays only), vanilla milk chocolate, and a red velvet that hhc deems good. Beware the decorative candies on top, which are hard and not tasty, says hhc. “Cupcakes are $3.25, or a dozen for $36. It was pretty crowded in the first days, with a slow-moving line. And take note: There is no public bathroom.”

Nearby, Kara’s Cupcakes of San Francisco also has opened a Palo Alto location. JasmineG checked out a variety and declares, “All of the cakes themselves were very good — moist, lots of flavor, good texture to the top.” She loved the fleur de sel cupcake: “the chocolate cupcake and ganache [frosting] were good, the caramel [filling] was delicious, and there was just enough salt.” Meyer lemon has a nice tang, but it and the raspberry frosted chocolate cupcake have a frosting whose consistency is more like whipped cream than buttercream. On the other hand, the chocolate ganache frosting might be too rich for some.

Kara’s cupcakes are $3.25, and minis are $2. Another location in San Jose is scheduled to open soon. But don’t forget about Vanilla Moon, already a great cupcake source on the Peninsula, says bbulkow. Red velvet has moist, flavorful cake and creamy frosting.

Sprinkles Cupcakes [Peninsula]
393 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto

Kara’s Cupcakes [Peninsula]
855 El Camino Real, Palo Alto
650-326-CAKE (2253)??

Vanilla Moon [Peninsula]
872 Laurel Street, San Carlos

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