Beth P. loves the spicy, fruity raspberry chili flavor from Loco Soda. It’s “worth crawling to the ends of the earth for,” she says. “Fantastic raspberry flavor socks you in the teeth and then, while you’re still reeling, the chili flavor kicks in full power. Man … this stuff is great.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” agrees Spivtak. “The last time I had one in Colorado was about nine years ago, and the memory has stayed with me. Never had a drink like it before or since.”

Beth P. isn’t thrilled with the other available flavors—the lime is OK and would make a nice margarita, the mango doesn’t work at all—but the raspberry flavor is what’s really special. However, at $1 for a seven-ounce bottle, zora is not surprised it’s not flying off the shelves.

By the way, if you see the soda, stock up now: Its manufacturer says the soda is discontinued.

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