In English, the awning says Dynasty Plaza. But the name in Chinese, underneath, says Stinky Tofu King.

One order of stinky tofu gives you “three giant pieces of deep fried goodness that at least to me did not stink that bad,” says K K. “When I took in a bite, and savored in the flavors and textures, it really did remind me of the stinky tofu I had in Taipei night markets…. Not oily or greasy at all, with a nice toasty crunch on the outside, and a perfect inside.” Explains ipsedixit, “Stinky Tofu King is a bit like the gentrified version of stinky tofu. Very very good, but cleaned up a bit to appeal to the hoi polloi.”

Their frozen meatballs and dumplings are very worthwhile, says K K. Hsinchu-style meatballs are bouncy, chewy, and taste exactly like ones from the local market in Yongho, China. Fuzhou fish balls are excellent, with a juicy, soft, porky interior. Pork and cabbage dumplings are lovely, surpassing even the best dumpling restaurants in NorCal. “What is it about pork in SoCal? You guys grow better swine?” asks K K.

K K is amazed at how well this place replicates the flavors of Taiwan.

Stinky Tofu King [San Gabriel Valley]
18414 Colima Road, Rowland Heights

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