To paraphrase everyone’s favorite Pacific Northwest–set television show: Don’t drink that coffee. Because there was a bat in the percolator!

Yes, a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, woman went to bed one night after having called in a report of a bat flying around her house, then preparing the automatic coffee maker for her morning brew.

She drank her coffee in the a.m. and then, as she was cleaning the machine for the next day’s joe, she found the remains of the bat in the coffee filter. Two things are puzzling about this story: One, how did the bat pull the little door to the filter housing shut behind it when it got in there? Two, how funky does your coffee have to taste before you think to check your machine for dead bats?

Unfortunately, the very fact that the bat was in her house in the first place means there is a greater chance the animal was rabid, so the woman is undergoing treatment.

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