So last week we posted about the future of transgenic animals in our food supply. We also said we’d keep you updated on the FDA’s thinking about these Blade Runner beasts—last week, the FDA was said to be still drafting rules.

Well, that didn’t take long. The FDA now officially says it will treat genetically modified animals like new drugs, according to the Los Angeles Times. Essentially, the FDA is analogizing the new DNA to drugs. But as an analyst at the Center for Food Safety points out, animals are slightly different. “Drugs don’t go out and breed with each other. When a drug gets loose, you figure you can control it. When a bull gets loose, it would be harder to corral.” This isn’t an abstract issue: The FDA may already have proposals for as many as two dozen transgenic animals. And if they make it to the market, they won’t, needless to say, be labeled.

Extra credit section: You want the fine print, you got it. The FDA will take public comments until November 18.

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