“Serve your own booze” isn’t a moneymaking proposition at a keg party, let alone a wine bar where prices rapidly overtake anything offered up by the Coors brewing empire. A new Latin/Spanish-style wine bar in Washington DC promises to make the concept work with a high-tech twist: Ceviche uses refillable green plastic debit cards to let customers drink at their own pace.

‘It’s a different experience and it’s always nice to have something new,’ said [a customer] as he pressed one of three buttons above the bottle of Llicorella Cellars Unio Priorat 2003 and watched as three ounces of the deep red granacha grape wine gushed from a metal spigot into his glass.

‘It’s also a nice gimmick, like having an iPod. It’s fun,’ he said.

No word yet on when or where the nation’s first serve-your-own-Jägermeister bar will open, but odds are good that it’ll be somewhere in Wisconsin.

By the way, it’s worth noting that this is not a new idea. San Francisco’s VinoVenue has been at the serve-your-own game for some time.

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