Little Shen Yang, a Chinese restaurant specializing in Dongbei food, has replaced LA Sokongdong Soon Tofu in Union City, says hhc, and the menu is huge and promising.

Little Shen Yang braised spareribs don’t look so attractive, but they’re really tasty, tender, and juicy. Dongbei-style pork clay pot has a delicious sauce, and the meat tastes great; but the pork skin might throw some people off. Dry-sauteéd string beans are a good veg option, while spicy boiled beef is certainly very, very spicy.

hhc got recs for the next time, including Dongbei-style bean curd (fried), spicy cumin seed lamb, Dong Po pig’s-feet meat, fish fillet with wine sauce, spicy fish fillet with bean curd, and Szechuan-style spicy chicken.

Little Shen Yang [East Bay]
1749 Decoto Road, Union City

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