For a genuinely novel experience, go to weekend brunch at Pizzeria Olio. Pizzas and pastries are being made in their wood-fired oven. Their blueberry danish is excellent, reports baloney. It’s “sugar rimmed pizza dough with delicious cream cheese and fresh blueberries. And I don’t even like blueberries!” Bialys are also made from the same pizza dough; they’re decent, but not like a traditional bialy.

As for the pizzas, it’s really hard to say how good they are, says baloney. The crust is thin, almost nonexistent. The dough is like Mozza’s, though less shatteringly crunchy. Pizza quality varies slightly, since the wood-burning oven isn’t as constant as a modern oven. Chanterelle pizza is interesting, though a little bland; margherita is good, with great burrata.

Pizzeria Olio [West Hollywood]
8075 W. Third Street, West Hollywood

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