That mysterious and downright brackish-looking water that feta comes packed in is brine made from whey, says FoodFuser. “The lactic acid in the whey is an important component in the preservation of the feta,” FoodFuser explains. “It may look fetid, it’s supposed to be that way.” When you buy feta, ask for it to be packed in brine if it isn’t already; it will keep for months that way, says madgreek. Otherwise, cover it in plastic wrap and change the wrap every three or four days to preserve your cheese up to a few weeks.

But don’t change the liquid unless you want to alter the flavor and texture of your feta. Draining the brine and packing the cheese in water will remove some of the saltiness, if that’s what you’re after, says Sooeygun. Storing feta in milk will alter the texture in a different way. “Some of the feta I buy is actually stored in oil. We use some of the oil to make the dressing when making Greek Salad,” says Sooeygun.

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