Nigerian is the invisible African cuisine in New York City, where Senegalese is more plentiful and prominent. So Festac Grill is worth a jaunt to East New York for anyone interested in sampling homey, hard-to-find West African chow.

JFores loved Festac’s goat pepper soup: long-stewed tripe, skin-on meat, and other tender goaty oddments in deeply flavorful broth. Fish stew was a whole tilapia in thick, spicy, tomato-based broth—delicious, he says, but also full of pesky little bones.

The hospitable cook and owner doesn’t always have her full menu on offer, but she makes up for it with free samples, like a porky, peppery yam porridge that JFores sums up in one word: “Yum.”

Festac Grill [East New York]
263 Hendrix Street (near Liberty Avenue), Brooklyn

Board Link: Festac Grill

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