Need some non-dairy milk?

Soy milk: many, many chowhounds like Silk, either in plain or vanilla flavor. It’s got that creamy feeling, like whole milk. Many also love Silk’s chocolate flavor (especially good blended with a frozen banana, says ceegee). Unsweetened Silk is hard to find, though; when Chowpatty can’t get it, she usually settles for Westbrae unsweetened vanilla soy milk from Trader Joe’s. Others dig: Vitasoy (especially vanilla), Natura unsweetened, and So Nice.

Also try Kikkoman’s Pearl line of soy milks, especially their matcha flavor, says kare raisu. rabaja loves the exceptional taste of Wildwood soy milk, available from Whole Foods, which converted him into a regular soy milk drinker.

PseudoNerd can’t stand any of the usual Western soy milk brands; he loves Korean soy milks, though. All Korean brands seem consistently good, and come in flavors like banana, chocolate, and strawberry. boogiebaby also can’t stand American soy milks, and gets his stuff from Asian markets. He recommends Yeo’s, from Singapore. It’s not as sweet as American soy milk, and has a richer taste. Notes chica, American soy milks are typically fortified with vitamins, while Asian soy milks aren’t.

Almond milk: many really like Blue Diamond Almond unsweetened plain or chocolate almond milk. It’s not super creamy, and doesn’t really taste anything like milk, but it has a nice, gentle flavor, is very low in calories, and makes coffee suitably creamy-feeling. Many like it much more than any soy milk.

MollyGee doesn’t like soy milk on cereal; it’s too thick and gritty. She prefers Rice Dream’s vanilla rice milk for cereal, which is very much like the consistency of skim dairy milk. It is, however, very, very sweet. ipsedixit recommends oat milk along these lines–it’s like soy milk, but lighter in texture, and with a milder taste.

There’s also a hazelnut milk available from Whole Foods.

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