While more than one hound attests that lemon curd is wonderful simply eaten with a spoon, or “with Greek yogurt if you want to fancy it up,” says Peg, it’s also terrific as a component of desserts.

JoanN stirs together an equal amount of lemon curd and whipped cream and layers the mixture with macerated strawberries in shortcakes. roxlet puts lemon curd in a baked tart shell and then covers it with raspberries.

nemo thinks lemon curd and blueberries are a great match, and suggests layering the curd in a parfait with fresh blueberries or using it to fill a roll cake and serving the cake with a blueberry sauce, which can be made with frozen berries.

weezycom uses lemon curd to fill the layers in a coconut cake, and tall sarah puts it on top of gingerbread.

abud loves it in Zazie’s ricotta pancakes with lemon curd and raspberry sauce, and ChefJune says it makes a great filling for crêpes.

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