Cipolla Rossa, a little Tuscan place that opened last month, has been transporting uptown hounds back to Italy. “EXACTLY like being there,” promises ajs42548, reliving a trip to Tuscany. This newcomer comes with a pedigree: The chef has a connection with the hound-endorsed La Cantina Toscana, carcrash reports.

If you spot a special of wild boar chops, get it, ajs42548 urges. It’s delicious—and authentically Tuscan, like several other items on the menu. Also recommended: grilled calamari, pappa al pomodoro (tomato-bread soup), an unorthodox but delicious tiramisu, and fresh pappardelle al cinghiale (wide-cut pasta with wild boar ragu)—“better than the version I had in Tuscany,” esyle swears. Don’t overlook the panini; wild boar sausage, broccoli rabe, and pecorino on ciabatta might just be the best sandwich carcrash has ever eaten.

Prices are gentle, with main courses (excluding specials) topping out at $16. “Easily the best value for good Italian food that I’ve come across in Manhattan,” carcrash declares.

Not everyone is won over. “I was excited by an authentic-looking, confident menu,” writes a dissenter, csblack86, “but I found the cooking very mediocre–everything was overcooked.”

Cipolla Rossa [Upper East Side]
1762 First Avenue (between E. 91st and 92nd streets), Manhattan

Board Links: Cipolla Rossa on First Ave. / 91st St.
Maybe the best sandwich I’ve ever had at Cipolla Rossa, 91st and 1st

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