Remembering what seafood you should and shouldn’t be eating isn’t easy, but there has always been a simple sentence to fall back on: Eat small fish. It’s better to eat sardines than swordfish, say. So it was disconcerting to see that the UK’s Marine Conservation Society’s new list of fish to eat and to avoid includes anchovies—in the avoid column.

According to the Telegraph, anchovies in the Bay of Biscay “have been struggling since 2002, as overfishing left fewer adult fish to provide eggs. The fishery suffered a complete failure in 2004 and is now officially closed.” In addition, “[s]tocks in the other big European anchovy fishery—off the Portuguese coast—are also critical.” I was naturally curious where the bulk of anchovies in the United States are sourced from—the same fisheries?—but the sustainable seafood guides for both the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Blue Ocean Institute don’t include the fish. Anyone out there know?

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