I blame the Iron Chefs. In the original Japanese-language TV show, they always had their ice cream makers going, ready to showcase the mystery ingredient, whether it cried out for the ice cream treatment or not. And Japan seems to be continuing its drive to make the weirdest ice cream in the world. But the Japanese aren’t the only ones. It’s like people are using some sort of random ice-cream-flavor generator to choose what to add to their cream base.

Even the normally staid British department store Harrods is getting in on the act. Morelli’s ice cream parlor, inside the retailer, will start selling ice creams with flavors inspired by Britons’ favorite traditional foods. This means you’ll be able to have a scoop of Yorkshire pudding or a sundae made with haggis ice cream. How about a pork pie parfait? (The hat? Or the dish? ) And what ice cream shop would be complete without a sausage and mash flavor?

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