While some brewers employ freshness dating so you can have the very newest brew on the shelf, others deliberately age their beers for a more complex flavor.

But even aged beers can’t hold a candle to Fossil Fuels, a craft beer made from yeast extracted from amber dating from between 25 million and 45 million years ago. That’s some ancient-ass beer there. According to a profile of the brewer in the Washington Post, Raul Cano is a scientist who has been working on applications for biological material collected from amber for years—beer has been his breakthrough product.

Tasters note hints of spice, especially clove, in Cano’s summer wheat beer. But, says Cano’s partner, microbiologist Chip Lambert, the product must be marketed carefully. An ill-fated foray into ancient beer last decade was partially sunk, according to Lambert, by people worried that they were “gonna grow long scales if they drink the beer.” Paging Dr. Ian Malcolm.

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