Little Sichuan, formerly Little Sichuan Express in Fremont, has new digs in Newark. The food is as good as ever, the new location is bigger and nicer, and there’s no more Styrofoam or plastic forks, says hhc.

Xingjiang stir-fried roasted lamb is tender, with bell pepper, onions, and cumin powder. House special dry-cooked string beans are salty and crispy, and hhc’s favorite. And the hot noodles with spicy peanut sauce are pretty good, too: You get a huge bowl with tiny bits of meat in the spicy sauce.

DezzerSF is another longtime fan, and all his favorite dishes, including the dan dan mien and that stir-fried cumin lamb, are as good as before. Dry sautéed spicy chicken wings still have an “addictive numbing spiciness,” and may even be better than at the previous location. On weekends, brunch includes complimentary soy milk (sugar on the side), and the Chinese doughnuts are light and crisp.

The menu is huge, perhaps a little bigger than it was. Entrées are priced around $5 to $9, which is generally the same as the old location. DezzerSF notes that some fish dishes appear to have increased in cost, while a few others have been reduced.

Little Sichuan [East Bay]
35233 Newark Boulevard Suite F, Newark

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