“When I was in the Peace Corps in Nepal, a few of us went out east to a very remote location to conduct a training,” says woodleyparkhound. “We took a plane, then a 12-hour bus ride, then we walked for three days. Nepali food is dal bhaat twice a day (lentils, rice, and a vegetable or two, accompanied by an ‘achaar,’ which is a condiment—there are many different types.)”

“While at this location, we were served an achaar with our meal which was nothing like anything I’d had in the country before,” says woodleyparkhound. “It looked like a pile of moist black dirt on the plate. It tasted like the essence of lemon. I was told it was made by somehow boiling down these huge lemons the size of grapefruits that we saw all over the place in that area. It was spectacularly good with dal bhaat. I’ve never forgotten it.”

For JayL, the best condiment is coconut chutney from the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. “I could eat my weight in coconut chutney,” says JayL. For plumtart, it’s the mayonnaise from Marlow & Sons Diner in Brooklyn. The texture “could be described as light and the flavor is rich and bright and utterly addictive. It puts all other french fry companions to shame,” says plumtart. And Jess321 likes Speculoos spread. “Think Nutella, but instead of chocolate hazelnut, it tastes like graham cracker and shortbread cookies. YUM!” says Jess321.

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