Thuyen Vien, a brand-new Vietnamese restaurant, is absolutely worthwhile, says crt. The food is delicious, and owner Si is gracious and hyperinformative. He’ll explain to you how to assemble any of the oddball Viet dishes.

Soy “fish” with dill and special sauce is amazing, says crt. It’s noodles, lettuce, cilantro, mint, and a sizzling soy fish mixture that you carefully assemble layer by layer. The homemade oily chile sauce makes all the flavors come together perfectly, says crt.

The place is clean, fresh, and relaxing. “We just can’t say enough about Thuyen Vien except to say we wish you all the success in the world with the hope of many many great years of great dining experiences yet to come!” says crt.

Thuyen Vien [Orange County]
1740 S. Euclid Street, Anaheim

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