In a bewildering development, Canada’s Conservative government, apparently oblivious to the rash of food-safety scares in recent years, has proposed less regulation of the food industry there. According to talking points, the government wants to eliminate the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s approval process for food labels. The government claims—and please don’t stop me if you’ve heard this before—that scrapping this system will help companies “take the lead in fulfilling their responsibility for consumer protection.”

Hilariously, even as the government markets the idea as an industry-friendly initiative, the most vehement opposition is coming from the food industry: The Food Processors of Canada calls it “playing Russian roulette with the Canadian public.” The total savings? An almost invisible 87,000 Canadian dollars. The timing? Horrible. The proposal leaked in the same week that authorities traced a deadly strain of listeriosis to a Canadian meat processing plant.

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