So, we’ve already discussed Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner’s boobalicious reality-TV girlfriends, and her crush on the Olive Garden. This gal’s so hot for those darn breadsticks that she conducted a search for the chain’s hottest waitresses, and the winners can now be viewed in the nude on the Playboy website.

So, what does the family-friendly Olive Garden have to say about this unsolicited marketing campaign? According to the Wall Street Journal, not too much:

Executives at Olive Garden declined to discuss the uninvited spokesmodel. One official says the company has tried to walk a fine line with its response, maintaining the chain’s wholesome image without alienating potential customers. ‘I don’t feel comfortable talking about this…because it is a complicated issue for the brand,’ says Michele Kay, executive vice president of WPP Group’s Grey advertising firm, which handles the Olive Garden account.

In other words, Olive Garden isn’t about to reciprocate poor Kendra’s love. But the article also brings back fond memories of another bombshell’s earnest, unpaid, and completely welcomed brand endorsement. Remember when Jessica Simpson visited the Chicken of the Sea headquarters after wondering aloud on her MTV show whether a can of Chicken of the Sea tuna contained chicken or tuna? We’re just thankful that Jess, a more modest reality-TV star than her Playboy Bunny successors, didn’t encourage the staff to take their clothes off.

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