“San Tung is one of those places that has been around forever and has its loyal fans,” observes K K, but don’t get too hung up on its Shandong pedigree—the things to get are dumplings and beef noodle soup.

Dumpling wrappers are short on gluten, meaning they don’t have a nice chewy texture, but “even with that said, the boiled pork and cabbage dumplings are superb and comparable to some of the good Shandong beef noodle restaurants in Taipei,” K K says. “If I were to make a meal, I’d probably clean out three plates of these and call it a night.”

It’s the five-spice beef noodle soup, though, that K K calls the best dish on the menu, with hand-pulled noodles (the default option). If you must get a vegetable dish, stir-fried string beans is the most popular one.

In Milpitas, Tong Dumpling Pot #2 has its fresh dumplings right by the register. The Three Deluxe blend of pork, chive, and shrimp is really good, says hhc; shanghaikid says the lamb with green onion dumpling has great flavor.

San Tung Chinese Restaurant [Inner Sunset]
1031 Irving Street, San Francisco

Tong Dumpling Pot #2 [East Bay]
127 Dixon Landing Road, Milpitas

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