There are some pretty wild places you can take deviled eggs. scoopG likes to mix shallots, minced cooked shrimp, finely chopped celery, and mayonnaise into the filling.

beejiewoman mixes the yolks with avocado, a little mayo, finely minced cilantro, fresh lime juice, and a pinch of ground coriander, then garnishes with a cilantro leaf.

Nonny uses finely grated cheddar or pepper jack cheese with a small amount of salsa and mayo.

SweetPhyl uses mayonnaise, mustard, bacon, and horseradish, while garfish uses olive brine in the filling, and tops with a dollop of tapenade.

For simple additions to traditional deviled eggs, firecooked likes finely chopped jalapeño-stuffed green olives; michelle cindy likes Old Bay Seasoning; ldkelley likes Sriracha; and Quine likes black truffle oil.

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