New York magazine’s food blog, Grub Street, has long owed at least half of its wit to editor Josh Ozersky, whose takes on cultural phenoms like the phrase “I drink your milkshake,” along with his insider restaurant knowledge, spiced things up considerably. Alas, Ozersky is taking his wit elsewhere, as Grub Street announced yesterday. Ozersky, a James Beard Award winner and author of The Hamburger: A History, has been hired away by Citysearch, of all places. According to Citysearch’s press release, Ozersky starts as New York senior editor on September 15, and will write reviews, features, and blog posts, as well as create multimedia content.

For Ozersky’s sake, let’s hope Citysearch makes its site easier to navigate. Right now I’m not even sure where to find the blogs (are there any?)—much less the “multimedia.” And where are the editorial reviews versus the reader reviews? Where are the features? For God’s sake, will I still be able to RSS-feed Ozersky?!

Change makes me cranky. Let’s go back in time, instead, and revisit this highly amusing Click-and-Clack-esque conversation between Ozersky and Adam Platt.

Oh yeah, and congratulations, Mr. Cutlets.

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