“My tastebuds went into overload,” says pleasurepalate. “The flavor profiles were all over the place. Sweet. Smoky. Spicy. Nutty. All of them had such complexity of flavors.” She’s talking about the mind-bending array of moles available at Moles “La Tia.” There is white mole; passion fruit mole; dark, rich coffee mole; tequila mole with a shot of lime; and hibiscus mole. And there is the gloriously nutty pistachio mole.

You can mix and match your moles to your proteins, but chef and owner Rocio Camacho has suggested some particularly great pairings on the menu—pairings with unexpected resonance, like shrimp with coffee mole, or venison with hibiscus mole. Burger Boy digs the Oaxacan quesadillas, as well as the fillet with tequila mole.

Cochinita pibil is also excellent—highly flavored, like chorizo.

There are great desserts, too, like rice pudding with tequila-soaked raisins served on green tomatillo marmalade, and ancho chile flan.

Moles “La Tia” [East LA]
4619 E. Cesar E. Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles

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