Hooked Seafood & Grill is new to Marblehead, and the fried fish sandwich with onion rings is laying out the hounds one by one. Velda Mae reports, “Two large pieces of fish and onion rings. The rings were probably the best I’ve ever had and the fish was crispy and very fresh.”

Scirocco concurs: “The fish was excellent and I’m still dreaming about the onion rings. They are like the ones I remember as a kid from the now defunct Busy B’s in Topsfield.”

The atmosphere is casual; diners order at the front and servers bring out the food when it’s ready. You bus your own tables and are not expected to tip. There are grilled items for those who don’t do fried.

Hooked Seafood & Grill [North Shore]
114 Pleasant Street, Marblehead

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