“Do you like the salty and crunchy? Do you like the chewy and crispy?” asks ipsedixit. If so, then get to Cloverleaf Bakery for some peanut mochi bread. “It’s a ball of soft, chewy mochi, that’s embedded with crunchy peanuts (with a hint of salt), encased in a buttery pillow of soft and chewy bread,” says ipsedixit. It feels and smells almost as delectable as a freshly roasted chestnut. Take a bite “and you can feel your knees weaken,” says ipsedixit. “You hear the crunch of the bready outlayer, which sounds surprisingly reminiscent of that first bite of the crust of a pie from Pizzeria Mozza. Then the chewy smooth texture of the mochi meets your lips, and then as you chew that first bite everything just comes together—the bread, the mochi, the peanuts—into one great synergistic nirvanic moment.” It’s available after noon.

Cloverleaf Bakery [San Gabriel Valley]
9475 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City


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