Last month, federal authorities issued a recall after E. coli–tainted ground beef from Nebraska Beef was linked to dozens of illnesses. Now, ABC News reports that the meat processor has recalled an additional “1.2 million pounds of other beef products that might have sickened more than 30 people.” And some of the contaminated meat has been traced back to Whole Foods. The horror! The Boston Globe says:

Massachusetts health authorities are warning consumers not to eat ground beef bought from Whole Foods Markets over the last two months after seven infections have been linked to meat bought there, some after a national recall.

The people who fell ill—five of whom were hospitalized—had all eaten ground beef from Whole Foods last month.

According to eCanadaNow, the recall has expanded into Canada and the following states: “Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Washington D.C., Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin.”

In other gross-out news, an Applebee’s customer in Bloomington, Indiana, allegedly found a dead lizard in a salad. Feeling sick yet? Our own Miriam Wolf offers some helpful hints on diagnosing (and avoiding) food-borne illnesses.

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