Quite a few Chowhounds like to munch on candied ginger as a snack, but they also cook with it. Here are some of their favorite ways to use it.

HillJ suggests blending candied ginger with light rum to spike a fruit salad, or putting some in a sugar bowl, where the ginger will flavor the sugar.

For a summer dessert, carswell likes melting butter and sugar in a saucepan, adding sliced plums, chopped candied ginger, and a splash of brandy, then cooking the mixture until the plums begin to soften, about 5 minutes. Serve on ice cream or with a slice of pound cake.

pinstripeprincess likes to add it to homemade granola, and jodymaryk chops it up and cooks it in oatmeal.

sarasparagus has added diced candied ginger to muffin batter and pancakes, and Val loves it in these ginger spice cookies.

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