Fab Hot Dogs is an unassuming little joint with three tables, a counter, and pretty much every kind of hot dog under the sun. It has New Jersey rippers—hot dogs with a special casing that rips when you deep-fry them. It has Coney Island chili-cheese dogs; bratwurst dogs; steamed dogs; and Carolina-style dogs with chili, mustard, and coleslaw. There’s a bacon-wrapped all-beef dog with grilled onions and jalapeños—dubbed the LA Street Dog. It has a hot dog covered with Hatch green chile, Polish dogs, and even a Sonora Dog: two dogs on a toasted sub roll with bacon, tomatillo salsa, Jack cheese, pinto beans, lettuce, onions, and sour cream.

The rippers are really good, says beingreen. The place utterly satisfies her longstanding desire for a Jersey-style dog. Fab sources its dogs from a Jersey supplier—the same supplier that makes the rippers for Jersey’s beloved Rutt’s Hut. Fab Dogs’ ripper is absolutely delicious, even if you’ve never been to Jersey, says BHAppeal. If you do get the ripper, keep it minimal, urges JeMange—a little mustard and maybe a little sauerkraut to cut the richness, and nothing else.

The bratwurst and the steamed dog are both excellent, says Galen. And the Tater Tot–like potatoes are perfect, says creamfinger. “The outside is extra crunchy and inside is creamy and each piece has that bit of extra potatoey goodness that Ore-Ida can only dream of.”

“I don’t know what impressed me more, the food or the owners,” says creamfinger. “Some people own a hot dog stand and dream of owning the French Laundry, but you can tell that these people just love owning a hot dog stand. They welcome every customer warmly and make every order fresh.”

Fab Hot Dogs [San Fernando Valley–West]
6747 Tampa Avenue, Reseda

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